Love Watching Gay Porn

Most men watch a gay video at least once or twice a week. I have even known a few straight men to watch them. Now, wouldn’t it be fun if we all watched it together. Imagine a group of straight men watching it with one gay man. If I was the gay man, my cock would be out in seconds, and I would be watching who else got their cock out next. Then I would strip naked, and let all the other men see my firm butt as I crawled to the guy with his cock out and took it in my mouth. I would listen to other zips being undone, and then hopefully find a tongue deep in my ass.
As I imagine this all happening, a typed in gay video on a search engine. I was so hot and horny that I needed some quick relief. As I scrolled down, imagine my surprise that the third one written down said ‘First Gay Miss America Contest Fails To Make Finals.’ I mean, what the fuck is all that about? Why is that in this category?

Anyway, obviously that is not what I wanted to look at. It took some of the heat out of my passion for looking at straight men being seduced by gay men, as that is what I was in the mood for.
I found a site called ‘Gay Today’ and even though I saw a long list of all kinds of gay videos, I tapped in straight guys, on the search engine at the top. The movies don’t seem to last that long, but hey, who cares when you have all these movies in one place of straight men sucking cock and getting fucked.
I watched one for just over three minutes where three guys wake up after a party with a hangover. Two of the guys strip the other one naked and lick his beautiful creamy white ass all over. These guys are so hungry to shoot their loads, they don’t care that it’s another guy’s ass that they are fucking. It may only be a three minute scene, but boy, it certainly helped me get my rocks off as they all shot their load together.
This had got my appetite going and I was hungry for more. I quickly found another threesome with straight guys at it. These guys stared off jerking next to each other as they watched a porn movie and got stoned. It didn’t take long before one of them was sucking the other guy’s hard cocks. This ended up with one getting his hairy crack fucked by them both and he had hot cum dribbling in and on his fucked hole.
Next time you watch a gay video, think about what you want first, and rather than scroll through its many categories, just type what you want in the search engine. It saves time, and your dick will be craving all the attention it can get.